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Why is High-Content Organic Better?


The word “organic” can be used when describing anything that is derived from a living plant or animal. In our case, it refers to our hydroponically grown aloe-vera that serves as the main ingredient in our products.

Thirty years ago, we began growing botanical ingredients organically and hydroponically because we could infuse more nutrients into those plants without the need for harmful and poisonous pesticides. These aloe plants are hand-planted and hand-picked in large temperature controlled greenhouses.

Gunilla of Sweden® is a skin care company who uses nutrient-rich hydroponic aloe as the base component. That is why we make High-Content Organic™ skin care, you know every product we make has a minimum of 50% oil-free botanical content.

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Our Hydroponic Super Aloe


At Gunilla of Sweden®, the base of all of our products, aside from our LEROSETT® Clay treatment, is our hydroponic aloe.

The hydroponic method of growing plants, such as aloe, uses balanced plant food in a nutrient rich liquid solution – not soil – with plants growing in a temperature and environmentally controlled greenhouse. Hydroponics take the desired amount of food directly to the root rather than making plant’s roots look for it in soil. The pH and nutritional value of the water is easily measured and maintained so plants always have enough food. Soil plays host to many nasty little creatures, while hydroponic growing mediums are inert. Plants grow faster with no need for herbicides or pesticides. The hydroponic method provides more nutrients causing the plants to grow larger and stronger .

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Product Spotlight: Our Famous LEROSETT® Clay Treatment

Lero-clay-tube500px copy 3.pngLEROSETT® Clay Treatment by Gunilla of Sweden® is one of the few truly organic skin care products that professionals use on their acne clients. A favorite for thousands of dermatologists and estheticians since 1987.

LEROSETT® has only two ingredients: Our proprietary micronized Clay and distilled water. However, LEROSETT® is not an ordinary clay. Most clay masks are comprised of mostly sand but LEROSETT® has the sand removed. This allows it to be absorbed deeply into the skin. Our clay comes from a rare deposit that’s very high in minerals like zinc, with a naturally high ionic magnetic charge that clings to impurities like a magnet. No added chemicals.

This clay fights the two main causes of a pimple at the same time: the clog that backs up oil in the pore and the amount of oil within the pore. By reducing the clogs and oil production, quickly removes pimples, prevents future blemishes and minimizes the redness and swelling  while preventing scars.

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