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Product Spotlight: Our Famous LEROSETT® Clay Treatment

Lero-clay-tube500px copy 3.pngLEROSETT® Clay Treatment by Gunilla of Sweden® is one of the few truly organic skin care products that professionals use on their acne clients. A favorite for thousands of dermatologists and estheticians since 1987.

LEROSETT® has only two ingredients: Our proprietary micronized Clay and distilled water. However, LEROSETT® is not an ordinary clay. Most clay masks are comprised of mostly sand but LEROSETT® has the sand removed. This allows it to be absorbed deeply into the skin. Our clay comes from a rare deposit that’s very high in minerals like zinc, with a naturally high ionic magnetic charge that clings to impurities like a magnet. No added chemicals.

This clay fights the two main causes of a pimple at the same time: the clog that backs up oil in the pore and the amount of oil within the pore. By reducing the clogs and oil production, quickly removes pimples, prevents future blemishes and minimizes the redness and swelling  while preventing scars.

Depending on the severity of your skin condition, other LEROSETT® products may be added to your daily regime. Our LEROSETT® products include our aloe based non-medicated or naturally medicated acne cleanser, clear skin matte moisturizer, healing serum, skin toner and ClearPoint® supplements to minimize your oil production. All these products along with our ÄKTA line for anti-aging can be found on our website:

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