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Why is High-Content Organic Better?


The word “organic” can be used when describing anything that is derived from a living plant or animal. In our case, it refers to our hydroponically grown aloe-vera that serves as the main ingredient in our products.

Thirty years ago, we began growing botanical ingredients organically and hydroponically because we could infuse more nutrients into those plants without the need for harmful and poisonous pesticides. These aloe plants are hand-planted and hand-picked in large temperature controlled greenhouses.

Gunilla of Sweden® is a skin care company who uses nutrient-rich hydroponic aloe as the base component. That is why we make High-Content Organic™ skin care, you know every product we make has a minimum of 50% oil-free botanical content.

Here are a few reasons why hydroponically grown aloe is effective skin care:

1. Soil looses its nutrient value over time and can contain plant-damaging disease. Hydroponic plants are grown in water not soil. The hydroponic method uses balanced plant food that dissolved directly into oxygenated water so the plant can receive perfect nutrition at all times.

2. We re-filter the same water, its not wasted in the earth and the roots are always in water absorbing plant food.

3. We get more harvests in a greenhouse; the plants are larger and healthier too.

4. We never use herbicides or pesticides and there is no damaging water run off.

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