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To Pop It or Not to Pop It – That is the Question

6-easy-steps-to-pop-a-pimpleFrom the time we start experiencing breakouts, normally in our teenage years, it seems like we’ve always been told the same thing: Never ever pop your pimples! However, if this process is done correctly and carefully, you may be able to successfully extract a whitehead or blackhead without harming your skin. Remember, never try to pop a pimple that has not come to a head. If you attempt popping a undeveloped lesion, this may lead to a deeper infection and cause greater inflammation. Helpful tips on how to correctly extract a pimple or blackhead are listed below:  Continue reading “To Pop It or Not to Pop It – That is the Question”

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ÄKTA® Anti-Aging Skin Care

dreamstime_m_37884622.jpgIn Sweden, the word ÄKTA means to be genuine, pure and undiluted.  That word best describes our anti-aging skin care line that was named after the Swedish term.

ÄKTA® Skin Care is developed from hand-planted, hydroponically grown greenhouse aloe (just like our LEROSETT® line) which is responsible for the soothing and effective properties of these products. Therapeutic by their very nature, ÄKTA® products help heal blemishes, slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and moisturize the skin. With high-content nutrients, these products provide a delicate balance that is perfect for sensitive skin, as well as all skin types.

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Ten Amazing Ways to use our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. It’s Not Just for Acne!

Waxing-Leg.jpgOur LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is highly known for treating all types of acne cases from hormonal to cystic. What many people may not know is that our proprietary micronized rhassoul clay has a variety of beneficial uses for multiple skin conditions.

For instance, if you apply a thin layer of the clay to the skin before waxing, you can avoid all the painful repercussions that come along with the process such as inflammation and swelling. The list below includes all the different uses for our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment: Continue reading “Ten Amazing Ways to use our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. It’s Not Just for Acne!”