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Product Spotlight: ClearPoint® – More Than Just A Multivitamin

cp.pngThere are numerous types of acne medications on the market today promising to clear problem skin; however, many of them come with handfuls of negative side effects. Some of the anti-acne medications are so harsh that they restrict being in direct sunlight, while others require girls to take pregnancy tests before filling prescriptions due to the horrible birth defects they may cause. These medications may help treat the symptoms of acne but leave the skin malnourished, dry and irritated. They may even cause issues that were never present in the first place.

Breakouts occur when the sebum under a clogged pore becomes infected. Gunilla of Sweden’s ClearPoint® supplement minimizes the production of excess oil from within the sebum gland, significantly reducing oil buildup. Naturally, this helps to reduce breakouts on the face and body. The way our ClearPoint® supplements work is by increasing the body’s production of Coenzyme A, the enzyme that naturally controls the body’s oil production in the sebum gland .

Coenzyme A naturally breaks down the excess oil in the skin. Those with acne may not have enough naturally occurring Coenzyme A in their body. Pantothenic Acid creates the extra Coenzyme A needed. Then, L-Carnitine and Zinc are added to speed the breakdown of oil. With extra Coenzyme A, L-Carnitine, Selenium and Zinc, the body breaks down up to 70% of the excess oil in the pore where the pimple would normally start.  Zinc is added to heal and also help control oil production as well as essential for collagen formation.  Added Selenium aids in the treatment of pimples by speeding healing and Vitamin C, along with other botanicals, help in treating the visible side effects of acne.

ClearPoint® combines the precise balance of Pantothenic Acid, L-Carnitine, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin-C, Calcium and Aloe, along with other important vitamins the body needs. We recommend using our ClearPoint® supplements in correlation with our other LEROSETT® products such as our OTC Face Wash and our LEROSETT® Clay treatment.

Below shows progression photos from a ClearPoint® clinical study:


Find out more about the science behind our ClearPoint® supplements HERE and watch the video HERE.

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