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Ten Amazing Ways to use our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment. It’s Not Just for Acne!

Waxing-Leg.jpgOur LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is highly known for treating all types of acne cases from hormonal to cystic. What many people may not know is that our proprietary micronized rhassoul clay has a variety of beneficial uses for multiple skin conditions.

For instance, if you apply a thin layer of the clay to the skin before waxing, you can avoid all the painful repercussions that come along with the process such as inflammation and swelling. The list below includes all the different uses for our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment:

  • Minimize Ingrown Hairs: Much like a pimple, the clay prevents ingrown hair from forming. (Spot treat and apply thin layer on area)
  • Waxing: Can reduce redness, pain and swelling when applied pre and post waxing. (Apply thin layer on area)
  • Minimize Oily Skin: Significantly minimize oil (sebum) production by infusing natural minerals like Zinc. (Apply facial mask)
  • Minimize appearance of Pore Size for Smoother Skin: Reduce the appearance of pores. Signific
    antly minimize pore size creating smoother younger looking skin. (Apply facial mask)
  • Improve Skin Elasticity, Texture and Clarity: Deep clean, removing embedded impurities for healthier younger looking skin. (Apply facial mask)
  • Razor Burn: Avoid the effects of razor burn anywhere you shave. For men and women. (Apply thin layer on area)
  • Cleansing & Oily Scalp: Use clay as a wash cream, mild exfoliate and rub into oily scalp. Squeeze out one inch of clay, rub into face and remove with water as you would a cleanser.Lero-clay-pro-new-label750PX.png
  • Bug Bites: Helps to minimize, itching, redness and swelling as well as potential scarring. (Spot treat)
  • Rashes: Many types of rashes can benefit from detox and mineral infusion from clay. Even on pets. (Apply thin layer on area)
  • Multiple Skin Conditions: Can minimize discomfort and itching from skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Multiple skin conditions can safely benefit from the clay’s detoxing and cooling effects. (Apply thin layer on area).

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