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Skin Care Tips for Summer

23e46129351171.55f02f0751d78.jpgSummer is such a fun time of the year full of outdoor activities and adventures; however, the hot temperatures combined with the harsh humidity and strong UV rays can wreak havoc on our skin. With a few precautions and adjustments to our skin care routine, we can keep our skin looking fresh and healthy all summer long.

Apply and Reapply Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen only once throughout the day is simply not enough, especially if you are sweating or swimming. Make sure that you are reapplying frequently and that you are using enough when you do apply. Many dermatologist recommend using a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30. Also, make sure to check the ingredient list on your sunscreen to make sure you are getting protection from UVA and UVB rays. Even if it’s cloudy outside, ultraviolet rays can still reach your skin so make sure you are not skipping sunscreen on those days! Also, wearing chapstick with an SPF is highly recommended.   Continue reading “Skin Care Tips for Summer”

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The Importance of Cleansing Your Skin Before Bedtime

Washing your face before bed can sometimes feel like an inconvenience, especially after a long, tiresome day.  However, cleansing your skin is a critical part of maintaining your skin’s overall health and appearance. Here are a few reasons why washing your face before going to sleep is so beneficial:

  1. Throughout the day, your skin becomes a play ground for dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants,5635097_orig.jpg dirt, viruses and dead skin cells along with other types of debris. Cleansing the skin before bed removes these impurities and gives your skin a fresh and clean look.
  2. Your skin repairs itself while you’re sleeping so having clean skin before going to bed is a must. During the night, the skin naturally exfoliates itself by shedding dead skin cells but if make-up and other types of residue is left on the skin, it is unable to do so. This can result in dull, lackluster skin.
  3. Clean skin absorbs skin care products more efficiently so always be sure to apply serums and moisturizers directly after cleansing your face. It is nearly impossible for skin care products to penetrate through make-up and debris that is left on the skin.
  4. Cleansing your skin can also prevent breakouts from occurring. Small glands under the surface of the skin produce a protective oil barrier called sebum. The glands use hair follicles as a pathway allowing the oil to reach the skin’s surface. Access dirt and debris can block the follicle which creates a build up of sebum, dirt, sweat and dead skin cells. Furthermore, the lack of this protective barrier (sebum) allows bacteria to penetrate the skin causing inflammation resulting in acne.
  5. Not washing your face can definitely have some negative repercussions. Not only would your skin be full of dirt and grease, it would also result in larger pore size. Cleansing also helps to balance your skin’s natural moisture levels and helps prevent the production of access oils. Failing to cleanse the skin properly would also result in significantly aged looking skin.

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