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Kate’s LEROSETT® Progress Story

KateTestimonial2.1.jpgHere at Gunilla of Sweden®, we pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve clear skin. We understand that acne can be a very painful skin condition and can be detrimental to someone’s self esteem. Not only do we help clear their acne with our custom regimens and skin specific advice, we also help our customers regain their self confidence and help them to improve their quality of life altogether. The feeling of being comfortable in your own skin is priceless.

Kate is one of our most recent clinical trials. She suffered from severe acne for three years before trying our LEROSETT® products including our OTC Face Wash, Toner, Clay Treatment, Moisture Matte and Healing Serum. We were able to get to know her lifestyle along with all the factors that could causing her to breakout. Our highly trained estheticians were able to build her a custom regimen and get her acne under control within a year or so. She is now no longer suffering with painful cysts and has a routine she can stick with for years to come. “Gunilla products have made a positive influence on my life because they gave me clearer and fresh feeling skin. I can go in public without makeup!”

Remember, if you are suffering from acne, treatment takes time. The key is to stay persistent and consistent with the products to see results. Do not get discouraged by purging (the adjustment period when you start using a new product, when your skin gets worse before it gets better than it was before), since this is a common stage that most must go through to achieve clear skin. This stage should only last 2-4 weeks on average. Afterwards, you should be making your way to clear and nourished skin made possible by nutrient-rich products free from chemicals.

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