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All You Need to Know about Skin Purging


Have you ever started using a new skin care product that promises clear skin just to find a plethora of new breakouts a few days later, leaving you a bit confused and doubtful of the product’s effectiveness? Is your skin rejecting the new product or is it just evidence that it’s actually doing it’s job? There is a high chance that you may be experiencing skin purging. Purging is a term commonly used to describe the skin’s adjustment period after you began using a new product, specifically for ones that expedite the exfoliation process, when your skin appears to breakout more than before. Continue reading “All You Need to Know about Skin Purging”

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Kate’s LEROSETT® Progress Story

KateTestimonial2.1.jpgHere at Gunilla of Sweden®, we pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve clear skin. We understand that acne can be a very painful skin condition and can be detrimental to someone’s self esteem. Not only do we help clear their acne with our custom regimens and skin specific advice, we also help our customers regain their self confidence and help them to improve their quality of life altogether. The feeling of being comfortable in your own skin is priceless. Continue reading “Kate’s LEROSETT® Progress Story”

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13 Skin Sins – Could your Daily Habits be Keeping You from Achieving Clear Skin?


Sometimes, we don’t notice the small aspects in our daily routine that could be negatively impacting our skin. Furthermore, these behaviors can be detrimental to our skin’s health.  For instance, how often do you touch your face throughout the day without even realizing it? And when was the last time you washed your pillow case or cosmetic brushes? All of these factors play an important role in keeping skin healthy and acne free. Continue reading “13 Skin Sins – Could your Daily Habits be Keeping You from Achieving Clear Skin?”

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Skin Care Myths Debunked!

dreamstime_m_26233442.jpgEstheticians, dermatologists and consumers are constantly bombarded with the dos and don’ts of skincare and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. We have listed some of the most common myths below along with information on why they are inaccurate and the truths behind these misconceptions. Read our guide on the most common skincare myths to learn more! Continue reading “Skin Care Myths Debunked!”