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All You Need to Know about Skin Purging


Have you ever started using a new skin care product that promises clear skin just to find a plethora of new breakouts a few days later, leaving you a bit confused and doubtful of the product’s effectiveness? Is your skin rejecting the new product or is it just evidence that it’s actually doing it’s job? There is a high chance that you may be experiencing skin purging. Purging is a term commonly used to describe the skin’s adjustment period after you began using a new product, specifically for ones that expedite the exfoliation process, when your skin appears to breakout more than before. Continue reading “All You Need to Know about Skin Purging”

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LEROSETT® Progressive Acne Clearing Images

Group-Trial-Image.pngLEROSETT® has been one of the most effective acne treatments on the market for over 30 years and has been a favorite for dermatologists and skin care professionals. Over the years, we have had numerous clinical trials who have had successful outcomes using the LEROSETT® acne method. This method includes using our LEROSETT® topical products such as our Clay Treatment, Moisture Matte, and OTC Face Wash in conjunction with our ClearPoint® Clear Skin Supplements.
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To Pop It or Not to Pop It – That is the Question

6-easy-steps-to-pop-a-pimpleFrom the time we start experiencing breakouts, normally in our teenage years, it seems like we’ve always been told the same thing: Never ever pop your pimples! However, if this process is done correctly and carefully, you may be able to successfully extract a whitehead or blackhead without harming your skin. Remember, never try to pop a pimple that has not come to a head. If you attempt popping a undeveloped lesion, this may lead to a deeper infection and cause greater inflammation. Helpful tips on how to correctly extract a pimple or blackhead are listed below:  Continue reading “To Pop It or Not to Pop It – That is the Question”

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ClearPoint® – More Than Just A Multivitamin

cp.pngThere are numerous types of acne medications on the market today promising to clear problem skin; however, many of them come with handfuls of negative side effects. Some of the anti-acne medications are so harsh that they restrict being in direct sunlight, while others require girls to take pregnancy tests before filling prescriptions due to the horrible birth defects they may cause. These medications may help treat the symptoms of acne but leave the skin malnourished, dry and irritated. They may even cause issues that were never present in the first place.

Breakouts occur when the sebum under a clogged pore becomes infected. Gunilla of Sweden’s ClearPoint® supplement minimizes the production of excess oil from within the sebum gland, significantly reducing oil buildup. Naturally, this helps to reduce breakouts on the face and body. The way our ClearPoint® supplements work is by increasing the body’s production of Coenzyme A, the enzyme that naturally controls the body’s oil production in the sebum gland .

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