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Eat your Way to Healthy, Glowing Skin


The common phrase “you are what you eat” actually holds more truth than you may have originally thought. Although it does feel good to splurge on that cheeseburger and french fries every once in a while, what we put into our bodies does have a pretty large impact on our outward appearance. The best way to achieve a healthy complexion begins with nourishing your insides. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one of the most important nutrition tips out there. In addition, foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits contain powerful antioxidants that can protect our skin from cellular damage caused by environmental factors and free radicals.  Continue reading “Eat your Way to Healthy, Glowing Skin”

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Ingredient of the Week: Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax derived from an evergreen shrub plant that grows in areas with desert-like climates. This wax contains many essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair and skin because it is very similar to the natural sebum our bodies produce. Specifically, the vitamins and minerals in jojoba oil are vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium.  Continue reading “Ingredient of the Week: Jojoba Oil”

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Fall into Perfect Skin Care!


Fall is in the air – the time of cozy sweaters, warm beverages, pumpkin spice everything and Halloween! While summer skin care is all about controlling oil caused by the hot and humid weather and sun protection, fall brings it’s own skin care challenges. The humidity in the air decreases and the cooler temperatures can cause our delicate facial skin to become dry and dull. Skin care routines in the fall should focus on repairing the damage done during the summer months and preparing your skin for the much harsher, colder temperatures. Although many don’t realize the importance of adjusting your skin care routine with the seasonal changes; it is very important to take climate/ environmental changes into consideration when choosing the best routine for your skin type. (If you don’t know your skin type, check out our post about it here!) Continue reading “Fall into Perfect Skin Care!”