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How to Care for Dry Skin


Whether you have dry skin long term or just seasonally, it can be very uncomfortable to deal with.  Dry skin occurs when your skin has a low amount of sebum (oil) production. As a result of this, skin lacks the necessary lipids needed to retain moisture and protect against environmental factors such as free radicals. Luckily, dry skin can be managed by making certain lifestyle changes and having the right skin care regime in place.

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Benefits of Rhassoul Clay in Skin Care

DNKblYtX4AEUSEH.jpgThe two ingredients that make up our LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is Rhassoul Clay and distilled water. For over thirty years, this combination of ingredients has drastically improved the skin conditions of our customers who have suffered from acne. Yes, LEROSETT® Clay works to treat problem skin, but how?

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